Based On True Story

Still Standing

Still Standing By Zizo Eladawi

This is a true story about an Egyptian boy's struggle growing up with an abusive father. The background for his childhood is a country torn apart by economic and social upheaval in the Arab world's most populous country. It is a story about overcoming all obstacles. After all the battles, he is still standing.

Nonfiction Book

this is a dire state for all children who are still having a hard time to speak for themselves. Still Standing, a book written by Zizo Eladawi, tackles what it’s like to grow from an abusive father and how did it affect him as a person. The book is a right to life story

 Zizo Eladawi wrote the book with so many heartfelt words and with eloquence and simplicity. The information is not too hard to understand, but its depth will outcry your heart. In addition to that, Still Standing brings a message about how our past can impact us. Does our history define us? To know more about the continuation of Zizo Eladawi’s earnest story, buy this book and prepare your roll of tissues because his words will create a wrecking hole in your heart.

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